Coin Master Free Spins

Coin Master is a popular game available for iOS and Android users. Installing the game in your device is quite easy and will take you a few minutes before you're all set. Gamers have the chance to play the game with free spins, and you can go to for more info on how to acquire extra spins.

How to Get Free Coin Master Spins

Players love free spins since they enable them to spin their favourite games such as Coin Mater without having to dig deeper into their pockets. For coin Master, you can use different ways to have additional spins in your account daily. The methods recommended are legit, so don't hesitate to use them.

  1. You can spin Coin Master at no additional costs with free spins.

A quick search on the internet will lead you to several sites promising to offer you free spins. Most of these sites are fraudulent and in the end, they will not offer you any spins. Some may require you to meet certain terms, such as sharing their pages. Doing this may compromise your data. Avoid such sites.

Inviting Facebook Friends

Inviting your friends on Facebook to play the game is probably the main way through which you can get extra spins on Coin Master. Inviting your friends alone is just not enough. You should encourage them to install the game and have it connected with Facebook for you to receive your free spins.

The more people you invite, the higher the number of free spins you get, provided they follow the steps above. Coin Master does not limit the number of people you can invite. You have the power to invite as many people as possible. To the creators, this is a good thing since they get more traffic.

Gift from Friends

After you have invited all your friends from Facebook, you may wonder what to do next now that most of your friends have accepted your request. Well, Coin Master enables you to request your friends to gift you free spins. And it doesn't end there! Your friends can also gift you free coins.

The option also gives you the chance to gift your friends some free spins as well as coins. When gifting your friends some free spins, you will not lose your personal spins. Every day, you can only send or receive up to 100 free spins. Next time you need free spins, you can ask your friends to help.

Daily Free Spin Reloads

Daily, you will receive 5 extra spins every hour for 10 hours. This means that you have access to 50 free spins. If you wish to optimize the spins, you can wait for 10 hours to have 50 spins and then spin the game uninterrupted. This makes playing the game more fun and engaging.

  • You can get free spins by inviting people on your Facebook friend list to play Coin Master
  • The friends you invite can gift you free spins

The other option you can use to get free spins is to buy them. If you have exhausted all the other mediums or you just want more spins than you already have, buying them will come in handy. The amount you spend will depend on how the number of spins you want to purchase.

Coin Master Essentials

The game begins with a short tutorial that introduces you to the game's mechanics. After this, you are given the freedom to start enjoying the games whichever way you wish. The game revolves around acquiring and spending Coin. You can earn Coin by buying it, attacking or raiding other gamers' villages and winning from the slot machine.

Coin Master is an exciting mobile game that you can play anytime you want and anywhere. Players using mobile/tablet devices powered by iOS and Android are the only ones who can access the game since the other operating systems are not supported. The game, so far, has 252 levels (villages) that you can look forward to unlocking.