What are free spins?

Freespins are those spins that are awarded by the online casino without the player having to make any initial deposit. Not all casinos offer free spins, and these benefits are forwarded to only a few new players.

How can you get free spins?

Free spins can be attained in several ways. You can receive these benefits by simply liking the Facebook page of any casino. Another way of getting these is through referral codes sent to you by your friends.

You might also receive your free spins in the midst of your game. This happens when you land a particular combination of symbols during your game. Free spins are awarded on video slots by the online casinos.

Another way of getting free spins

You can also get your free spins as part of a Welcome Bonus Package. Some online casinos club free spins with the Match Deposit Bonus. These spins are governed by certain terms and conditions.

Look out for promotions

To get your free spins, simply look around for promotions from various online casinos. Most of the gambling sites are offering these benefits to new players so ylu shouldn't have any trouble locating them.

How free are these free spins?

To be fair, all these free spins that you see or get are meant to draw new players to the casino. These spins are connected to certain conditions; you have to wager some money to use these free spins.

Read the fine print

Before you jump for that free spin, read the fine print. While we aren't saying the casino would cheat you, it is always better to know what you are going to get at what cost.

Common terms and conditions

On receiving your free spins, check the game on which it is applicable. Secondly, find out whether you need to utilize those immediately or within a particular window period? It could be a week, a fortnight or a month.

Please note that in most cases, you can't transfer your free spin offer to someone else. The casino would bar your account if you are found doing so. Secondly, free spins can only be given to eligible players.

Other important points

Please fill in your correct address while creating your online casino account. This is the address where your iPhone x will land after you have won in in your online slot game. Double check your post code.

Tax laws and winnings

You might win an iPhone X on your slot machine with your free spins, but did you check out the tax liabilities? Would you have to pay tax on your casino winnings? It's important to tick these boxes.